About Me

Hi! I'm Hannah!

I am a teacher and small business owner from North Carolina. I sell online on Poshmark, Mercari, Facebook/Instagram, Etsy, and Teachers Pay Teachers!

How I Got Started

My main selling platform is Poshmark. I started by downloading the App out of curiosity (probably sparked by what was trending on the App store, or an article I saw on Facebook- I honestly don't remember) and listing a couple of things I had that still had tags but I hadn't ever used. When I realized that it wasn't your ebay-type list-it-and-leave-it site, I started looking up more information about it. Honestly, the whole sharing-following-etc.etc. thing seems, upon first glance, like it would really be a drag. Who would want to do all that extra work when you can throw something on eBay in five minutes and just sit back?

While doubtful about the idea, I was nevertheless intrigued. As I was contemplating how dumb the idea was and who would ever 'just do that' in their spare time, it occurred to me that I could actually INCREASE my chances of selling something. As in, I had at least to some extent, control over my own success.


That must have been the lightbulb that came on sparking my addiction to Poshmark. It was fascinating to me that it wasn't more or less a 'gamble'. I sold a few DVD's and some old textbooks on Ebay back during my college days, but as much as I despise admitting, that has now been a while and things have changed quite a bit.

Once that little spark ignited, I was totally addicted to this Poshmark thing. I'm talking about like... I now saw material things in terms of how much they might sell for on Poshmark. After I ran out of things to sell rummaging through my own closet, I turned to... my husband's closet. Which was all good and well until he found me knee-deep in his shoes one afternoon. "I was organizing the closets..." was not a very believable lie. And so began actually sourcing.

What started as a hobby developed into an actual 'side hustle' and is now a registered LLC business! Currently (as of June 2022) I have over 1,000 active listings, 225,000 followers and 2,619 sold items.

If you're interested in reselling, please check out my Youtube page or send a DM on instagram and I will be more than happy to help you start up your own reselling business!

Download the Poshmark app and use code THINBLUEAPPLE for a FREE $10 credit!